Great finds for the day

Hey there Fashionistas!

I thought I would share some great items I bought today! I was in the Fashion District in Downtown Los Angeles buying for Speckled Hens. Anyways, Downtown LA's Fashion District, a great place that all fashionistas need to experience at least once. The endless amount of stores that you can buy mass amounts of clothing, accessories, and whatever else Fashion related you can think of. From 7am to about 5pm the streets and stores are filled with tons of people looking for great deals whether it be for themselves or for their retail/ online stores. Everyone hunting for the Top Sellers. It is great! Yes, it is a little exhausting searching thru isles and isles for hours. I know crazy, right?! How can it be exhausting shopping?! It really is looking at every single item carefully and figuring out if it is right for your customer.......Yes, very tiring. What helped was picking out some wonderful items for myself :] That is what you see underneath the text. All the jewelry and accessories are what I found in the District. The great big "statement" earrings that you need to wear with your hair up, so everyone can see them. The knotted, chunky bracelet. The simple yet unique layered necklace with a gorgeous stone, and the classic clutch with great detailing and the cute little tassel. The sweater above is actually from a Vintage Shop right next to Speckled Hens. This is located in the cute downtown village of Claremont, CA. If you around here check these stores out! I am loving all these great finds!! Let me know what you think!


  1. cool finds!

    want to start following each other?

  2. Awesome! Love all of them! Especially I love that bag! :)
    Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog! :)

  3. Love the earrings <3


  4. Love the necklace!


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