Nails for the week

I had some time to get creative with my nails!

I don't usually have a lot of time and patience to get creative with my nails, but I thought i'd try some designs inspired by Pinterest. Yes, Pinterest. Everyone these days is on it! You can get some great ideas for just about anything on there. I literally have a board strictly for nail designs. It is great! I used to be all about manicures and pedicures, but that gets boring sometimes. Doing your own nails gives you a chance to bring out your creativity and try designs that even some of the manicurists can't do. If you are not good at it practice, am I right? The turquoise color is part of the Nicki Minaj collection from my Post earlier this month. The purple is from Urban Outfitters. Let me know what you think, or send me a link to some of your fave designs :]


Color Blocking at its best

Great looks from Marc by Marc Jacobs for Spring 2012!!!!

I am sure many of you out there drool over Marc Jacobs and Marc by Marc Jacobs just like me. Am I right?! The wonderful bright colors and color blocking to perfection! These are some of the looks from Fashion Week! He is definitely my inspiration for Spring. I always look to his designs for Spring. He gets all of the colors and combintaions just right. I am so ready for jumpers and rompers such as the adorable Navy Blue one above. Rompers/Jumpers are awesome because you can dress them up with a pair of heels and some flashy jewelry, or you can dress it down with a cute pair of sandals. I prefer the hair up in a fun bun when wearing a romper/jumper it always adds on to the Spring/ Summer look. About the great red and black striped shirt and high waisted skirt outfit, gorgeous for a night out! It is bold and sassy which is always a plus. If you don't think you can rock those puffed out layer on your skirt, you can!!! And you will. The other color blocked dresses with the squared like shape to them are fabulous. So comfortable and flowy. Perfect with these awesome heels shown above! We have the great dressy poofed out skirt with a casual tee (Yes, it can be done). Last but not least, the 50's one piece swimsuits! Hmmm wear a one piece bathing suit, and i'm not 6 or 60 years old ?? It is a weird thought, but it's true! Crazy how we are wearing one piece bathing suits and feeling sexy! Thank you, Marc by Marc Jacobs, for these great swimsuit designs. Now, let me know what your fave looks were from Spring/Summer 2012!

Have a fantastic weekend!!

Great finds for the day

Hey there Fashionistas!

I thought I would share some great items I bought today! I was in the Fashion District in Downtown Los Angeles buying for Speckled Hens. Anyways, Downtown LA's Fashion District, a great place that all fashionistas need to experience at least once. The endless amount of stores that you can buy mass amounts of clothing, accessories, and whatever else Fashion related you can think of. From 7am to about 5pm the streets and stores are filled with tons of people looking for great deals whether it be for themselves or for their retail/ online stores. Everyone hunting for the Top Sellers. It is great! Yes, it is a little exhausting searching thru isles and isles for hours. I know crazy, right?! How can it be exhausting shopping?! It really is looking at every single item carefully and figuring out if it is right for your customer.......Yes, very tiring. What helped was picking out some wonderful items for myself :] That is what you see underneath the text. All the jewelry and accessories are what I found in the District. The great big "statement" earrings that you need to wear with your hair up, so everyone can see them. The knotted, chunky bracelet. The simple yet unique layered necklace with a gorgeous stone, and the classic clutch with great detailing and the cute little tassel. The sweater above is actually from a Vintage Shop right next to Speckled Hens. This is located in the cute downtown village of Claremont, CA. If you around here check these stores out! I am loving all these great finds!! Let me know what you think!

Bohemian Rhapsody

Hello fellow fashionistas!!!!
I was out shopping with a friend, who was picking out Vegas outfits, when I came along this beautiful dress! It was on sale and the last in my size, and I had to have it! I'm sure that's happened to all of you. It's like it was meant to be, right?! Well, that is how I felt with this skirt. I don't have to many maxi-type skirts or pleated skirts, and this is actually a great combination in my opinion. This skirt inspired my bohemian look for the day. Wearing it with my laced crop top and platform boots. That just screamed out 70's Boho!
I had to accessorize appropriately with the layered bangles and a pendant necklace. I used a few different bags trying to keep the warm tone of the outfit, but the last bag I had to wear! The last bag as you will see is bright 70's design satchel. It was almost wrong not to wear it with this outfit. That bag is great for the spring/ summer time. The clutches are both very detailed and leather. I hope everyone enjoys the outfit. Please, let me know what you think? :))

Bags starting from the top:
Street Level Studded Clutch in Navy
Miztique Multi Toned Clutch in Grey
Street Level Boho Satchel

Laced Cropped Top :H&M
Pleated Long Skirt: Unknown
Jewelry: Forever 21
Platform Ankle Boots: Forever 21

-Sarah <3<3

Bouquet of Flowers

Yes, this is the Hair Bow inspired outfit. That lovely mustard bow put me in a delicate flower type mood. After looking at the pictures I realized there is a "Disney Princess" look going on. The flower locket, bow in hair, flowery and flowy dress, tights, and bright lipstick. Again, I am ready for Spring! hehe. Since i'm talking Disney, my "Robin Hood" like shoes are a pair of my favorite flat ankle boots. Although, I usually like a heel, this type of shoe is great to wear with a little Indie type dress. Very casual day at the park type of look. I recommend every have this type of ankle boot! It's a pair of boots that goes great with flowy skirts and shorts. The perfect Spring Shoe if you are not in the mood to wear sandals. I have some great bags featured in these photos! Starting from the top:

Imoshion Iris Clutch in Teal
Urban Expressions Lilly Clutch in Rust
Urban Expressions Blaire Clutch in Ivory
Danielle Nicole Davina Satchel in Yellow Canvas Combo

Dress: H&M
Tights: American Apparel
Belt: Forever 21
Flower Locket: Forever 21
Cardigan: Urban Outfitters
Shoes: Unknown

Have a lovely Day!!

Hair Accessories Galore :]

Hello, fashion lovers! It's the beginning of the week, I know. That calls for some "pieces" of inspiration for this week's outfits! By "pieces" I mean "Hair Pieces," of course! Side note: Is it just me or does Pieces look weird after reading it 3 times :P. Anyways, even a small hair accessory can make your whole outfit, or at least inspire your whole outfits look. I decided to take a picture of all of my favorite hair accessories because I randomly wore my American Apparel bow for the first time in a year. I was having a bad hair day, so I put by hair up in a messy bun and it just wasn't enough. I saw my bow and thought, "Why Not?" At that point anything could help my mess that I called hair. It's like I had an outfit epiphany! I knew exactly what I wanted to wear with this "Bow Bun." That is the story that resulted in me taking the time to wear each of my favorite hair pieces with the right hair style, and taking pictures of it. Now starting with the top left:
Black Head Wrap: H&M
Black Beaded Flower Band: Metro Park
Peacock Feather Band: Urban Outfitters
White Rose Head Band: TopShop
Purple Knitted Head Wrap: Dahlia's Boutique
Black Flowered Head Band: Gift
Mustard Large Bow: American Apparel
Large Feathered Head Band: Forever 21
Clip in Feathers: Urban Outfitters
Have a great rest of your Monday! <3<3 Ps. Sorry if you cannot see the details of each accessory!

Spring Stripes

Happy Saturday Everyone!!!

Being that my favorite pattern is stripes, I thought I would mix a couple of different stripe patterns together :] This "dress" is actually a high waisted skirt from Forever 21. I had to have this shirt because I am IN LOVE with New York! Again, I am a fan of the cropped tops. Wedges are also from Forever 21! These taupe colored wedges go with everything. Forever 21 is a great place to find great, cheap items to mix and match together. Don't get me wrong, I love thrift shopping, but thrift shops are not as accessible as Forever 21 :) This is another Spring inspired outfit, of course. I encourage everyone to mix and match patterns this spring! Florals with stripes are a favorite combination of mine, too. It is such a beautiful day out here in Cali I had to be outside. Hope everyone enjoys this lovely day!

Animal Love.

Hello friends,

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Thursday so far! I thought I would share some of my favorite accessories. Not only are they bold and wonderful, but I wanted to share my animal print and pendant accessories for the love of animals. I love the simplicity of the pendant necklaces. You can pair it with any outfit to bring a uniqueness to the outfit.  You will always get comments from people about them. You can keep it simple with the owl and giraffe necklaces, or you can make it sparkly with the elephant and panda necklaces. You can find these type of necklaces anywhere. The giraffe and panda are from Forever 21. The owl and white elephant were gifts from someone, and my beautiful, glamorous elephant is Betsey Johnson. Also a Betsey Johnson item, is my owl pendant bracelet. It is very vintage and simple. My horse and owl ring are amazing! I always have to have fun rings on. I like to think of myself as the "Pheobe" from Friends, type ring wearer. Animal rings are a must for your ring collection. Leopard is definitely in and is not only a must have for clothing but for your accessories too! Lastly, is the peacock and feather designs. You can wear them with any outfit to emphasize on your vintage look. Now everyone get out there and sport your animal pendant and print!

Have a lovely day!


Taking it back to the 80's

80's comeback is what my inspiration for this outfit! I figure with Spring coming up, all the bright colors and patterns will be the trend of course. I love to incorporate these patterns and colors in every season, but it just fits for Spring. I wanted to keep it comfortable with my suede, moderately heeled boots. I absolutely love stripes, so this cropped blazer is one of my faves, of course. I purchased this blazer at the Patricia Field store in Soho, NY. If you are ever in NY you must stop by this store. If you are not familiar with Patricia Field, she is an amazing designer and was the stylist for 'Sex and the City.' Paired with the blazer, is my high waisted, denim skirt from American Apparel. I wanted to accessorize with gold. My flashy clutch is from and my peacock necklace is from an Aldo accessories store. Besides Trend Essentials, Aldo accessories has a great selection of funky, flashy accessories! Check it out :] Keep warm friends, and for those who love the rain and cold weather, enjoy!