Hair Accessories Galore :]

Hello, fashion lovers! It's the beginning of the week, I know. That calls for some "pieces" of inspiration for this week's outfits! By "pieces" I mean "Hair Pieces," of course! Side note: Is it just me or does Pieces look weird after reading it 3 times :P. Anyways, even a small hair accessory can make your whole outfit, or at least inspire your whole outfits look. I decided to take a picture of all of my favorite hair accessories because I randomly wore my American Apparel bow for the first time in a year. I was having a bad hair day, so I put by hair up in a messy bun and it just wasn't enough. I saw my bow and thought, "Why Not?" At that point anything could help my mess that I called hair. It's like I had an outfit epiphany! I knew exactly what I wanted to wear with this "Bow Bun." That is the story that resulted in me taking the time to wear each of my favorite hair pieces with the right hair style, and taking pictures of it. Now starting with the top left:
Black Head Wrap: H&M
Black Beaded Flower Band: Metro Park
Peacock Feather Band: Urban Outfitters
White Rose Head Band: TopShop
Purple Knitted Head Wrap: Dahlia's Boutique
Black Flowered Head Band: Gift
Mustard Large Bow: American Apparel
Large Feathered Head Band: Forever 21
Clip in Feathers: Urban Outfitters
Have a great rest of your Monday! <3<3 Ps. Sorry if you cannot see the details of each accessory!


  1. I have a black head wrap but I am not confident enough to wear it! You look great in one though, wish I did too! I also love to wear a bow under my top knot, it just makes you look that much more feminine :)



  2. Love that green bow and peacock feather headband. So cute! And I agree. Hair accessories can totally make an outfit and a bad hair day. Thanks so much for visiting and commenting on my blog! <3



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