Bright Love

Happy thursday everyone! It is almost the weekend, and I am sure everyone is just as excited as I am! My inspiration for today was the upcoming Holiday, Valentine's Day. I am all for the red and pink combination, but purple is one of my favorite colors and must be incorporated in everything. That is why I am such a big fan of the purple and pink combination for the big V-day. I love the abstract shirt that I am wearing, it really makes the colors in the outfit pop. Don't even get me started on my Steve Madden platforms! I could wear them with every single outfit if I didn't have other shoes that would be neglected. Platform heels run my life right now! It's crazy how this style shoe went from THE shoe to wear in the 70's with great flared pants, to becoming a hooker type see through heel with rhinestones throughout the 90's, and now were back to THE boot to have! I love it. I love looking at fashion and how it cycles throughout the different decades! Well, I hope everyone has a wonderful and bright weekend!


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  1. So much color going on, I love it!




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