Animal Love.

Hello friends,

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Thursday so far! I thought I would share some of my favorite accessories. Not only are they bold and wonderful, but I wanted to share my animal print and pendant accessories for the love of animals. I love the simplicity of the pendant necklaces. You can pair it with any outfit to bring a uniqueness to the outfit.  You will always get comments from people about them. You can keep it simple with the owl and giraffe necklaces, or you can make it sparkly with the elephant and panda necklaces. You can find these type of necklaces anywhere. The giraffe and panda are from Forever 21. The owl and white elephant were gifts from someone, and my beautiful, glamorous elephant is Betsey Johnson. Also a Betsey Johnson item, is my owl pendant bracelet. It is very vintage and simple. My horse and owl ring are amazing! I always have to have fun rings on. I like to think of myself as the "Pheobe" from Friends, type ring wearer. Animal rings are a must for your ring collection. Leopard is definitely in and is not only a must have for clothing but for your accessories too! Lastly, is the peacock and feather designs. You can wear them with any outfit to emphasize on your vintage look. Now everyone get out there and sport your animal pendant and print!

Have a lovely day!



  1. LOOOOVE these!! Betsey's a genius, love her!!

  2. Love that sweet little giraffe necklace. My son would love that since he's just started naming different animals. Very cool collection! <3



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