Taking it back to the 80's

80's comeback is what my inspiration for this outfit! I figure with Spring coming up, all the bright colors and patterns will be the trend of course. I love to incorporate these patterns and colors in every season, but it just fits for Spring. I wanted to keep it comfortable with my suede, moderately heeled boots. I absolutely love stripes, so this cropped blazer is one of my faves, of course. I purchased this blazer at the Patricia Field store in Soho, NY. If you are ever in NY you must stop by this store. If you are not familiar with Patricia Field, she is an amazing designer and was the stylist for 'Sex and the City.' Paired with the blazer, is my high waisted, denim skirt from American Apparel. I wanted to accessorize with gold. My flashy clutch is from http://www.trendessentials.com/ and my peacock necklace is from an Aldo accessories store. Besides Trend Essentials, Aldo accessories has a great selection of funky, flashy accessories! Check it out :] Keep warm friends, and for those who love the rain and cold weather, enjoy!


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  1. I love this 80's inspired look! You paired each piece wonderfully!


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