Color Blocking at its best

Great looks from Marc by Marc Jacobs for Spring 2012!!!!

I am sure many of you out there drool over Marc Jacobs and Marc by Marc Jacobs just like me. Am I right?! The wonderful bright colors and color blocking to perfection! These are some of the looks from Fashion Week! He is definitely my inspiration for Spring. I always look to his designs for Spring. He gets all of the colors and combintaions just right. I am so ready for jumpers and rompers such as the adorable Navy Blue one above. Rompers/Jumpers are awesome because you can dress them up with a pair of heels and some flashy jewelry, or you can dress it down with a cute pair of sandals. I prefer the hair up in a fun bun when wearing a romper/jumper it always adds on to the Spring/ Summer look. About the great red and black striped shirt and high waisted skirt outfit, gorgeous for a night out! It is bold and sassy which is always a plus. If you don't think you can rock those puffed out layer on your skirt, you can!!! And you will. The other color blocked dresses with the squared like shape to them are fabulous. So comfortable and flowy. Perfect with these awesome heels shown above! We have the great dressy poofed out skirt with a casual tee (Yes, it can be done). Last but not least, the 50's one piece swimsuits! Hmmm wear a one piece bathing suit, and i'm not 6 or 60 years old ?? It is a weird thought, but it's true! Crazy how we are wearing one piece bathing suits and feeling sexy! Thank you, Marc by Marc Jacobs, for these great swimsuit designs. Now, let me know what your fave looks were from Spring/Summer 2012!

Have a fantastic weekend!!

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  1. As soon as I saw the first swim suit, I said, "it's my lover Marc Jacobs!!" I LOVE him. He's my favorite and I want that red one piece with the little peplum pockets. Amazing. Great post! <3



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