Spring Stripes

Happy Saturday Everyone!!!

Being that my favorite pattern is stripes, I thought I would mix a couple of different stripe patterns together :] This "dress" is actually a high waisted skirt from Forever 21. I had to have this shirt because I am IN LOVE with New York! Again, I am a fan of the cropped tops. Wedges are also from Forever 21! These taupe colored wedges go with everything. Forever 21 is a great place to find great, cheap items to mix and match together. Don't get me wrong, I love thrift shopping, but thrift shops are not as accessible as Forever 21 :) This is another Spring inspired outfit, of course. I encourage everyone to mix and match patterns this spring! Florals with stripes are a favorite combination of mine, too. It is such a beautiful day out here in Cali I had to be outside. Hope everyone enjoys this lovely day!

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  1. this outfit is so fun! i love every single piece of it.



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