Summer Festival

Excuse my serious/mean look in the first picture, I was caught off guard. It was a wear my hair to the side casual kind of day. This outfit was inspired by all the festival look books that many of the retailers have in honor of the upcoming Coachella festival. I put together a lot of simple items that you can stay cool in while the sun is beating down on you. 

I am a huge vest fan. Vests will never go out of style for me. There are so many different styles and ways you can wear them. It is a great addition to any outfit. I especially love the color of this one! Very spring bright! I have vintage jewelry on that I have acquired over time from many different places. They are bold and very "tribal urban." My boots are fabulous and I rarely wear them! It was time to bring them out for this season. I am loving all of the 'booties' that are coming out this season. Perfect to wear with shorts, skirts, or dresses. I am really loving Steve Madden's selection. I am jealous of all of those going to Coachella. Unfortunately, I will not be there, but will live enviously through all the Facebook posts. I hope you are inspired for your summer festival look!

Dress: American Apparel
Vest: Vintage
Boots: LF Robertson
Jewelry: Vintage
Bag: H&M




  1. Gorgeous! I'm not that much into vests, but it looks perfect on you :)

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  2. I am in love with this. The vest is such a cool piece! I also adore all of the accessories. Especially the cuff and I looooooooove your hair! I am a new follower for sure.


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