Casual day on the Island

I thought I would take the opportunity to get some photos in during my short weekend trip to Honolulu, HI with the gorgeous scenery and great view off of my balcony. My hotel, The Ilikai, located in the only city like area of Hawaii, Waikiki. I personally am a city girl, and that is why Waikiki is the perfect part of Hawaii for me. It was perfect for a weekend trip. Shopping, relaxing on the beach, and a night out on the town. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love the tropical non-city part of any of the islands, but that is definitely for a long week trip where you can just relax and forget what day it is.

I thought I'd split my weekend outfit posts up, so I can focus on one outfit at a time. This outfit was specifically put together for a catamaran ride along the coast, and a drive along the whole island of Oahu in search of the famous "Shrimp Shacks." I kept it casual, comfortable, and fashionable, of course. This great cropped top is basically just a graphic tee cut up, perfect for the summer time. High waisted shorts are a must for a summer outfit; they are great with loose tees. A cute straw hat with a cute up-do to stay cool, and perhaps hide the large frizzy hair for those of you who's hair can't handle humidity ;) And finish it off with fun laced sandals! No jewelry is needed with a simple outfit like this. 
I hope everyone enjoyed this outfit as much as I enjoyed wearing it on my beautiful, adventurous day on the island. More outfits and pictures of Oahu to come :]

Cropped Graphic Tee: Forever 21
High-waisted Shorts: Forever 21
Straw Hat: Urban Outfitters
Sandals: Steve Madden



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