Merchandising Inspiration

Merchandising Inspiration......

How fabulous are these merchandise displays?! I was looking for some inspiration for a little merchandising I am doing myself, and I came along all of these great ideas! Whatever brilliant and creative minds came up with these ideas....Kudos! I love them and they have definitely given me some ideas. These are even some great ideas for your room. If you are like me and you have to have your items merchandised like you are in a cute vintage boutique, then you know what I mean! I love changing up my closet every once in a while (once a month to be exact) :]. Its a great way to bring out the old clothes that have been neglected for a while and give youself a look for them month or maybe a theme. Take the time to get creative with your closet! Everything crammed in storage boxes or drawers are just no fun! Bring the Urban Outfitters store look to your closet!!!

Hope you enjoy these brilliant displays and I will have pictures of mine soon :]


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  1. Hi, I just found your blog on Independent Fashion Bloggers.
    This post is so inspiring... thanks for sharing.



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