Chic and Sleek

Finally! After a few days of not blogging, I am back. I have been so busy with school, work, and interning. Please excuse the setting. Unfortunately, it was dark outside, but I had to get some shots of this outfit. A little something I decided to put together for a date night. I wanted to stay comfy and warm, so I chose this slouchy, oversized sweater from forever 21. I have two H&M sweaters layered over each other, and sleek black pants from Forever 21. Check out the boots! First time wearing them. They are from Zara. Very comfy and chic. Since this was a very chic, neutral colored outfit, I thought I would accessorize with my new Urban Expressions handbag and gold bangles. Of course, there had to be some bright pieces. That is where my Forever 21 rings came in to play. Spring may be coming up, and I may be excited for all the bright colors...BUT I will always love the chic and sleek neutral colors and outfits :] Anytime I need to feel high fashion chic..... I throw on black pants, a neutral colored shirt, and a great pair of wedges or heels and usually put my hair up in a bun. Instantly you feel like a high fashion model. Silly, I know, but Tyra Banks says it herself in America's Next Top Model, when she is giving advice to the models. LOL I hope this gives everyone a little inspiration to put together a chic, high fashion outfit and hit the town!

Have a lovely one <3<3


  1. i love the neon nails and copious amounts of accessories.

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Love your purse and all the jewelry<3


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