What's in your make-up bag?

Happy Friday Fashionistas!!!
I loooove creating outfits and taking photos of them, but I have been trying to catch up with school, work, and my internship after my weekend vacation to Hawaii. I do apologize, and I will have more outfits up soon. I thought I would show you something a little different today. I enjoy when some of my favorite bloggers post about what is in their purse or make-up bag, don't you? It is fun to see what the fashionistas you admire are carrying around in their bags to look as good as they do! I really want to change it up and have a variety of posts other than outfits, so let me know what you think and what you would love to see :]
Now, in my make-up bag I like to carry a good amount of items, and I don't like to think I am forgetting anything throughout the day. I need to know that I can be stranded on an island and have all the items I need to look great! LOL Here, I have my compact powder by Clinique. I have been using Clinique for my face make-up for years. It is wonderful for your skin, especially if you have random break-outs and oily skin. It stays natural looking all day long. I go back and forth with blush brands, but MAC has always been a fave. I love the rockstar glam colors. I also like to use Nars and Benefit for blushes. As for Mascara, I don't know why I carry it around because I never reapply it, but it makes me feel better knowing it's there. I used to use Dior or Benefit's mascara, but honestly this Maybelline mascara works just as good. I get the long and full lashes that I love. Lips are another story. I carry more than one lipstick at all times, and a lipgloss and chapstick too. Burt's Bees is the only way to go for chapsticks. I love mint fresh feeling you get when applying it. Lipgloss is usually MAC's lipglass or something similar. They have gorgeous shades and put a lovely finish on your lips. Lipsticks, I can wear any brand. MAC has great sheer finish colors, and covergirl and L'oreal have beautiful, long lasting colors. 

To finish this up, besides make-up I carry my cute butterfly mirror I received as a gift. I love cutesie gadgets like that, and like my "chill pill" pill case for my vitamins and fish oil pills. I hope everyone enjoys! 

Have a fantastic weekend!

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