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Here is my last little Waikiki photo shoot. Not only were people probably thinking, I need way too many pictures of myself, but this was supposed to be a relaxing vacation away from any at home obligations. I love blogging, but I definitely needed time to relax with the family. We were in a great location of the city(Where isn't a great location of Hawaii?). All of my family gathered at the Ala Moana Park, a gorgeous park filled with vacationers and local families coming together for a nice Barbecue by the beach. It was right on the water, so we could take a swim and enjoy watching the paddle boarders. Not to mention, it is right across the street from the largest luxury shopping mall in all of Hawaii, the Ala Moana Mall. There was tons of great shopping both in the mall and on the streets of Waikiki, and yes, I did some relaxing shopping myself ;).

About my outfit, again, I was going for a simple and casual look for this vacation. Although this dress was bold and bright, I did not dress it up too much. I just added on a couple of accessories and my laced sandals. This dress is one of my few red clothing items. I try to keep a balance of items in each and every color in my closet, but red and purple have the least amount of items. Which is nuts because my favorite color is purple! I guess favorite color and favorite clothing color is different, but still, purple is gorgeous for any clothing item. This red dress clearly shows that red is a gorgeous color for dresses, and goes great with the tribal style. I especially love the hint of teal in it. I added on a large choker necklace, a cuff, and some bangles to complete the look, and voila! The outfit was made for a day at the park.

I hope everyone is inspired and gets to shopping for their summer wardrobe!

Dress: Forever 21
Jewelry: Forever 21
Sandals: Steve Madden


Mahalo :]

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