"Go to" dress..

Yes, finally, a new outfit post! I know that ive been inconsistent, and I do apologize for that, but once summer is here I will have more time, hopefully! LOL I am known for taking on too many projects and things at one time, BUT it keeps me on my feet. I am very excited for this summer and the new adventures it will bring! Also, excited for more hours at work, so I have more to spend on clothes ;] Quilty as charged, I am a shopoholic, but what girl isn't? It just takes money and time to actually feed the addiction.
Now on to the main focus of this post, my outfit. I like to call this dress my "go to dress." It is cute, comfortable, and looks like I threw together a cute skirt and shirt without any effort. I accessorized with a cute bow clasped belt and an Urban Expressions woven crossbody bag. The shoes are new and I LOVE them, of course :) They also come in a gorgeous fuchsia color that you can find here, but I thought I needed more neutral colored shoes to go with any simple chic look I pull together. I hope you enjoy this look and have a wonderful rest of your weekend!
Ps. Activewear oufit posts will be coming soon! I am in my gym clothes just as much as I am in my normal attire, so why not show off my gym style ;))

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