On my Shopping List

It has been a busy past couple of months with school, work, interning, working out, and maintaining somewhat of a social life :). Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love everything I am doing right now because it keeps me on my feet, and I know it takes hard work to get where I want to be in the future. This does take away from my blogging time though, specifically my personal styled outfit posts. I will have some coming soon though, I promise!! One thing I keep in mind about my blogging is the reasons I actually began blogging. I want to keep myself inspired,  exercise my creativity as much as possible, inspire others, continuously learn about the fashion industry and social media in the industry, and continuously build my writing skills. I like to remind myself of my blogging purpose, so I do not get stressed out when I am not able to blog for a while. I am sure you all understand and are right there with me. Thank you to those who have followed me over time and for your support :]

With all of that said, I have had some time while sitting around at work to do some summer shopping and prepare for my summer trips to the river and Hawaii! I of couse, have created lists of items I would like for each trip, and i've kept up with the latest trends and items I need for the summer in general. I thought I would share my favorite items at the moment, and hopefully you'll be seeing similar items on me in my styled posts soon. 

Starting from the top:
1. I have a fun summer backpack found at Threadsense. I have been in need of a backpack not only for school, but for hikes and whatever else i'll be doing on trips in the near future. They are everywhere right now, such as Target, Urban Outfitters, and many other stores. 
2.As far as dresses go, the high-low has caught my attention. This bright pink and royal blue cutout dress is perfect for summer. Showing skin and staying chic at the same time. This dress is also from Threadsense.
3. These lilac cut up shorts from NastyGal are a must for the summer. Any colored denim is IN for this season.Perfect for summer casual wear, and you dont have to go with the cut up look. There are tons of different styled colored denim shorts for the summer. You can even do it yourself to a pair of old jeans. There are so many DIY that I have found on pinterest, so try it out!
4. A bold pair of pants is in during any season. The print just depends on what season it is, so yes, for summer florals are the print in demand. Mix and matching different prints and patterns is a huge trend. That is why I have been eyeing a great pair of floral pants. These specifically are from Asos.
5. I have had my eye on cute stilettos, just like these from Asos, for a while. These are definitely Carrie Bradshaw inspired! Many of my favorite bloggers are wearing exactly as Ms. Bradshaw does in "Sex and the City." Paired with floral pants such as the ones above or cute skirts and dresses with all types of prints and patterns. These are a must and stilettos never get old. 
6. Bustier style tops are very popular and perfect to show off some skin for the summer. Wear it casually, pairing it with jean shorts just as they styled it on NastyGal, or you can dress it up with a chic high-low skirt. These are great for a hot summer day!
7. The Chevron pattern is getting bigger than ever. It is on everything from shorts to dresses to home decor. It looks best with bright colors which is perfect for this summer. These gorgeous shorts can be found at NastyGal, too. 
8. Neon bags are everywhere and the satchel style is what I prefer. Satchels are great for the indie casual look and neon colors make everything better! (Well, almost everything) You can find this bold bag at Lulus.
9. A great pair of sunglasses is a must. I have yet to sport this style of sunglasses and am eager to get myself a pair, so these shades from Nastygal are at the top of my list. A little article I read showed some great examples of matching your sun shades to your lip shades, something to think about.
10. Last, but not least, is this studded collar. I know what you may be thinking, just buy a shirt with a collar, right? Wrong, this collar is a great accessory, just like a choker necklace, and it goes perfect with any dress or top! It'd be like adding this collar to the bustier top I have above. It just works! You can find great collars at Romwe.

I hope everyone enjoys! Let mee know what you think, and what items are on your summer list :)



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  2. Absolutely love love that first backpack and the yellow satchel! Those chevron shorts are too great to pass up also! <3



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