Combat boots and Tights

Happy Friday Everyone! Can you believe we are almost done with January? Has everyone started buying for their Spring wardrobes? To be honest, I don't usually take the time to go on a shopping day where I am going to specifically buy my spring outfits. Granted, I am usually on a mission when I go shopping, but it is usually for a specific item or items I have been thinking about for a new look. Throughout the day, whether I am walking around the mall or on the computer doing research, I see so many different styles and outfits. Those are what gets me thinking of a different outfit I can create, or I am in the mood to wear. No, I am not copying the outfit at all. I do not want to replicate outfits. It's just created a spark on a look I want to try out. I believe thats the whole idea of fashion; expressing yourself and being inspired. With all of this said, all you fashionistas out there, go be inspired and think of a new style to tackle this weekend!

PS. Click on any picture to find out where I got all of these great bags!


  1. you look absolutely stunning! if i was a girl, i'd want you to dress me.

  2. You are so pretty! I'm your newest fan :)


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